CHRISTIAN DIOR Diorissimo EDT 100ml. เคาเตอร์ 4050.- (สินค้ากล่องขาว Demo) ลด 40...

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Frangrance DEMO BOXED โดย Christian Dior
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กลิ่นหอมหวานชดช้อยละมุนละไมดุจดั่งแฟชั่นชั้นสูง หอมอ่อนหวานละไมดุจดั่งจังหวะอันไพเราะแห่งชีวิต ปรับรูปโฉมใหม่ กลิ่นหอมหวานอันเป็นที่นิยมไม่มีเสื่อมคลาย ด้วยความโดดเด่นของกลิ่น มะลิ กะดังงา ลิลลี่ หอมหวานจับใจ

Diorissimo is a romantic fragrance of the 50’s. At its heart, a gentle lily of the valley, blooms as Dior’s favorite “fortune” flower. Diorissimo is fresh and clear, just like a dewy, spring morning in the woods. Top notes include lily-of-the- valley and ylang-ylang, the heart is composed of amaryllis and boronia, leaving a jasmine trail. Christian Dior believed that lily-of-the valley is the symbol of hope, happiness and joy. French consider lily of the valley as the legendary flower. According to the legend a brave and fearless fighter, called Saint Leonard wanted, to spend his days among the flowers and trees and live a life dedicated to God. He asked permission to go live in the woods. A dragon called Temptetaion lived in those woods. They fought and blood was spilled. Leonard bravely fought the dragon until it was defeated. Poisonous weeds began to grow where the dragon spilled his blood, but beds of lilies of the valley started to grom wherever the ground was moistened with Saint Leonard's. The French believe that lily-of-the valley is a holy flower and so did Christian Dior whichinspired the creation of this wonderful fragrance.